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Building Strong Retaining Walls In Mirfield, West Yorkshire

Designed to support earth or ground, it is essential that retaining walls are built with strength and functionality. That's why, at Hardy's Building & Roofing Ltd, in Mirfield, West Yorkshire, our skilled workforce take exceptional care while delivering specialist wall rebuilding services.

Building Solid Retaining Walls

Stronger than a standard wall, a retaining wall is erected to support the ground behind it. Owing to its important function, a retaining wall must be built with exceptional care. Our talented tradesmen build retaining walls for both domestic and commercial clients. Rest assured you always receive the ideal solution, as we assess the area to be built on prior to carrying out the work.

Assessing Your Property

Look no further than our company when you want to receive a truly bespoke service. Each wall is different, so we plan and survey each wall individually. Certain designs need to be taken back to the concrete stage, or require an updated plan to work. Our versatile tradesmen are happy to design your wall. However, when you prefer, we advise you on alternative design options.

Garden Wall

Assisting Neighbouring Properties

We conduct an in-depth survey to determine the most suitable type of wall to be built. Alternatively, we offer work based on a survey you present to us. When the wall is to be built between two neighbouring properties, we offer a solution tailored to the needs of both parties. When additional calculations or plans are needed, we consult a skilled structural engineer.

Brick Wall

A Reputable Building Company

As a trustworthy building company, we follow the essential guidelines while carrying out our work, and building to the dimensions of your existing wall. As versatile builders we remove and replace existing walls, though we are happy to repair walls that do not need to be removed. Due to the bespoke nature of our work, we price each job individually in accordance with machine accessibility and survey type.

Use Our Additional Building Services

In addition, we offer reroofing and chimney repairs for your property's exterior. We also offer wall removal services to open up space in your property, much like our extensions, conversions, and refurbishments

Contact us, in Mirfield, West Yorkshire, to obtain more information about our retaining walls and wall rebuilding services.